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Wild online kidneys matchless magic Analysis

[Aug 08 2015 GMT]

Meridian is divided into eight meridians, each meridian corresponds to the ability of players in the game, or to increase the defense, or to increase the internal strength of many magical effect, external work attack ability. Once the meridians open, the attributes of the players will be increased dramatically.

Each node on the meridians, called a point, "Yellow Emperor" goes: "cavitation issued, each place name", also known as "air out of the procession itself, not flesh bones too." Over the years it has been not solved the mystery of the human body. In Buy RS Gold drunk rivers and lakes, players can consume repair value, enhance the strength points to get through.

Step by step, Dishuichuanshi obtain powerful force. Odd points is the strongest points of each meridian, once opened, can greatly increase the player's ability, such as Yang-dimensional pulse of odd hole temples, once rose to the highest level, get a 20% bonus of strength, the strength of the player base the greater the force, the greater the bonus obtained.