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Wild Nine tour players to share full Raiders

[Aug 22 2015 GMT]

Opening service game to now many people are full of class, no passion, I suggest, it is desirable to adopt. First expedition, expedition kick once useless, it is recommended to reset the number of days once again a little passion. Rivers and lakes can enhance the attributes apprentice, apprentice can learn play RS skills such as the number of too little, just more than a dozen properties apprentice skills improve a little, such as shield soldiers, to the full level only forty three percent chance of help host defense.

Recommend out of a job RS 3 Gold with the intelligence, the Master, the four property forces all games, physical strength, agility, intelligence, less use of intelligence Master, this is the RS game Mody. It recommends that the activities, which the equipment, the equipment is too small, and I brush more than 100 speakers and equipment have not been collected, and out of a barter feature, which is the most important.

Recommendation Exchange features a detailed classification, such as armor, just out of a armor, three professional equipment all in there, not type of player can only slowly found, very troublesome, it is recommended a classification of RS armor, such as armor after point , appear detailed breakdown, which career with RS suitable equipment in which career there, as well as a horse functions, the exchange is not even mount the search, only typing the search, which is a must.