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Old and new forces against Bayern strong defend hegemony

[Dec 22 2016 GMT]

The Bayern, Munich home court against Leipzig Red Bull, one is take 25 Bundesliga champion Big Mac, a body for Buy FIFA 17 Coins the German army's "promoted", from the history of honor, the gap between the two teams, however, when they entered the stadium, with 36 points, Bayern only goal difference there is no doubt that the title battle is also regarded as a showdown between the old and new forces in the bundesliga. Finally, "spicy ginger or old, Bayern home court 3-0 win over Leipzig, give them a good lesson, and with half Title end of the journey in 2016. Of course, although losing the game, Leipzig did not lose the future, the second half of the season they can still launch a strong challenge to Bayern.

As Rummenigge said: "the beginning of the season, no one would think this game will be the top of the Bundesliga showdown." Let Bayern think that they are in the standings once was opponent, early fall altar". The game, for Bayern, not only to consolidate the top position, but also to defend their dominance. The beginning of the game, Bayern swept away the last round of the low-spirited, firepower, players like biezulejin, to prove himself in front of Leipzig, especially Costa, ball, cow tail extraordinary, the fans see dazzling.

The momentum over the opponent at the same time, Bayern in front of the threat is also reflected, seventeenth minutes, twenty-fifth minutes, Alonso Tiago scored another victory, with thirtieth minutes of the Firth of Berri sent off  FIFA Coins, but Leipzig has actually It is all up with forty-fifth minutes, and Lavon, with a penalty to Leipzig wound sprinkle salt. Ultimately, Bayern 3-0 win over Leipzig, won the old and new forces battle.