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Wild World spirit pen Skills Upgrading technology Raiders

[Jul 23 2015 GMT]

A copy of the hook, skills to be chosen. A copy of RS Gold, and now most of them are hang up, vocational spirit pen just hang it with three skill, certainly not with a big move, and hang up amplifying very slow that often hit the air, so do not take. Bot air waves with a skill, yes, there is a controlled fire is sure to bring up the main output.

Fight boss, no less fighting spirit. This presumably is very important, spiritual blue pen is by eating career, with a skill fighting spirit is in the affirmative, then, the output of the fire and thunder array or wind, personal feeling wind output is low, is not recommended. Bot can bring skills, boss ran away to be able to hit it. Also provincial blue, cd at skills fighting spirit blessing soon.

Ling pen is need manual job, it is not recommended boss hook. With skill fighting spirit, Bot, mine array often three. At least the top ten. Toad is a spiritual fight occupation pen strengths, skills fighting spirit with them, this time to RS bring big, then take mine array of skills and fire, open one second countdown fighting spirit, boss Ray out front, then zoom in, directly drop down.

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