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Wild World high offensive and defensive skills pointers

[Aug 02 2015 GMT]

First of all, here to tell you that a concept: in the martial arts inside, each one will get a knight reincarnation random skills, with the increase in the number of reincarnation knight, acquired skill level will increase. Similarly, each reincarnation martial data will double, that is to say a final data of martial arts is about four times the original.

With the level cap martial arts star promotion of change and change, such as 4-star card up to 40, 5-star card up 50. The same applies to the martial arts. Knight upgrade, here it RS 2007 Gold comes again the same problem that formula, the number of cards to enhance the knight to different levels of need. Reincarnation material. 3 Star cards can only be used Dan were reincarnated reincarnation.

Reincarnation skills. Every reincarnation will appear randomly different skills, a card can turn give birth to an infinite reincarnation until the skills you want, reincarnation, a total of 17 kinds of skills, each skill has a different role, in which skills and skills 5 4 4 and Skills skills 3 difference restraint effect is relatively large, it recommended that players try to use 4-star card transfer skills, because in the end the four skills of a lot stronger than three skills.

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