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The political arena more than a copy Raiders

[Jul 27 2015 GMT]

Access to a copy of the conditions: 1 level after open more than a copy, the player can find the corresponding NPC in the autonomous city. Without limiting the number of times the event of time into the copy. A copy of the rules. 1, a copy of the time was one hour, 2, within a free copy of the death resurrection in the copy, 3, kill boss After eight copies of copies of clearance.

A copy of the award. 1, for the first time to kill a BOSS daily lottery number is +1, repeat to kill BOSS does not increase with a lottery number. 2, the first award smoked, sweepstakes button changes to refresh, refresh may brush out after the next batch of awards. BOSS one: Yin Jiu. Skills used - chilly Ray: for Cheap RS Gold each player within the target range of damage.

Tip: Remember to escape into the chilly wind in the strait-jacket of yellow lightning damage. Boss II: Ha Maitreya. Use skills - poisonous Step world: toxic slurry discharged within the green zone, standing on top of the players cause sustained damage. Tip: avoid poisonous step hurt the world. Boss three: Li Dazui. Skills used - Call: call around in their four purple eggs, purple egg will hatch after a period of time for players to take the initiative to attack mobs.