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The female panda human body looks like a dwarf aunt

[Apr 04 2012 GMT]

Blizzard mystery of the "Panda" media trial will be held this week (March 13 -16) opened in the Blizzard of Los Angeles Part, the major media will advance to experience this piece of information. More than playing in front of reporters have been left for Los Angeles, we will be a confidentiality agreement date (14 points, 19 March) announced after the new career, video, story, screenshots will also be released together, so stay tuned .

For occasional large-scale media demo, Blizzard official Face book has also released a flash bang, announced a contour map, Figure Remark is "She's on her way - March 19, according to the shape and movement speculated is undoubtedly the role of female panda. Its body is comparable with the aunt of the dwarves, highlight the panda naive posture. Instead, the hair should look like Bob, is it unique Chinese jewelry? So the question the expansion of the mystery of the Panda, the translation of new equipment will not join the Chinese element? Phoenix wings Yao cents hairpin step set heaven and earth to fulfill what vivid maybe this is also a good creative.