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SD Send Money of Eight Ways to Make Money in Aion Game

[Aug 02 2015 GMT]

This is belong to a variety of activities, the general SD activities are above 30 can receive, it is a variety of friends left hand number, change the number of various collar. See previous activities, that brought snow snow festival. Recent Activity section open apple fruit, leading poker cards ...... there is not landing send candy God horse. Anyway, the more numbers you more cost-effective, even though it is a hard thing for numbers collar ah. Once a friend of more than 400 numbers on hand, each SD questionnaires sent, he would spend a few hours brought the questionnaire, ORZ ... turned a profit.

Originally it ...... monthly attendance awakening water can earn a little smaller. For example, I sign around month six numbers, just a 3-point hair, then sold more expensive than simply sell water, do not point 4:05 substantially non-explosive, in fact, I want to give yourself +5 hair to burst crying a ...... Want to buy Cheap Aion Kinah? our site is your best choice!