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Production of Eight Ways to Make Money in Aion Game

[Aug 05 2015 GMT]

This is the vision to associate that shape about new versions of some of the production class. There is a relatively easy way out of the wood, a wood there sister would be more like it. Starting is not very difficult to do something they can dump the transaction. Of course, the older version of the shape is also possible, a lot of people will like it, especially drawings of some material ah ah, what, now is not convenient to engage.

We prefer Ming Long / dark long series of shape, 55 Dragon glasses (property defense), 58 glasses (magic resistance), 55 Kuilong / Yinglong green chain hat (nurse cap), 60 dragon yellow / orange headdress ( chain beret, cloth single flowers) ...... like many of which are quite nice appearance, and the prices are also still had to go. The other is the new j?rmungandr premium cloth, a very luxurious little ballet skirt. Only a few days before the transaction magic to see people selling clothes appearance before 1E, feel good cheap.

What is the solution reel, make their own troublesome, buy too expensive, not too much attention to a certain extent, then, very few people are willing to do it yourself. More interesting is the food, although slow to use, but the material and effort, you can slowly rub thousands of materials, eat half a year, and the other is relatively remarkable dining table, a table cost a few hundred thousand, you can sell 300-500W. We are drawing trouble spots, to make a pattern coin to replace it. As for how long at a table, you see people chew faster. My fastest time is about 20 days at a table, but now the property standards took too lazy to go back, but the table of the market is still there. Check the price of the horse of God look at their own bar area.

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