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Playing Aion Takes for the Raiders Intermediate Articles

[Jul 23 2015 GMT]

Raiders spent playing Aion intermediate Buy Aion Gold need, basically the same primary articles, of course, there are some differences.

The difference is that spend more than 60 dollars to eight times the revealer there pumping hands Orbis lobbied 150W point OBS. Then spent 1500W buy 142 Jin Gongxun medal. For a set of elite very unpleasant series armor, Stone replace physical crit +27 17or magic growth power.

Do not think that fine 1000 useless, in the melee to push in, what you are no different. Just a few seconds then hit resistance. Still a little resistance to fight against the Department of Physics, law is not how the line. After all, only PVP defensive attributes no magic disappear.

Mid armor four old 12 and a 50 Deba, blood fighting jewelry. Purple old weapons are 12 strong 10 helmet is the fate of a blueprint for Sri Lanka.