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Mission store for selling to Make Money in Aion Game

[Aug 03 2015 GMT]

This is not very suitable for pure Cock wire you, to vision, the money, the pressure of live goods, but also the long term. I generally look at this area, not to start with.

Vipaionkinah is a professional Aion Gold selling site. The advantage is its lowest price and fastest delivery. You can make a comparison with other sites. Here comes the topic.General is to see 50% off when something Events sold, now it seems the most cost-effective or weapons Accreditation of it, when the general sale of 30 one, there is a buy, then 15. This stuff is usually the only magic about 1.2E one, equivalent to around 22 RMB. That is up, there is profit, but at the same time hit Accreditation + half price or small, and some of my friends will buy some of the lay sell, look at the market each region it.

The other is pure Mai Leike and Hellfire Diya Bo, is a production experience, is a production of AP. If it is, then surely it used group Diya Bo, and if want to make some money, then it is more appropriate Mai Leike. After buying Diya Bo mostly occupied, would want to plug black gold mixed with AP volume basically is a veteran, you will buy at half price of. Mai Leike only in practice, when the new numbers will be used, even if the old man is not lack of will to use, but less quantity Bale. When you want to practice is not necessarily half-price deal 1-1.1E or someone will throw a drag, often see the world from time to time someone 9000W or 1E in income.

The other is the CD volume, or do not buy, and basically had no money to make. SD send questionnaires met several price rushing out ...... The other is about wrapping this issue, 1-65 orange weapon paper is 30, half price is around 15. That is the way 1.5E, typically sell 1.8 -2E, but the market is not very good to say. It depends on the circumstances of each area.