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Metal RuneScape Items which perfect way to save your money

[Jul 06 2012 GMT]

  Metal RuneScape Items in top gear is the magic metal RS items (that is, with Rune logo of the RS Gold equipment), With their samurai attack

  Or magic attacks will increase, and will not reduce your defense magic and attack, but the RS Gold equipment is not readily available to paying members

  It is easy to some.

  RS Items are bought, do not do, you have to do, at least to practice two months before they can do such RuneScape equipment; because you have to practice

  Study mining and blacksmith skills are up to level 60-70, it is too difficult; But tens of thousands of dollars to buy cheap RS items and RS gold , a lot of effort you can get.

  And I now wear mage rs items is very cheap to buy , 2-3 money to get, you can buy basic varrock, if the patient can help to Buy RS Gold.