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Higher costs of World of Warcraft

[Apr 04 2012 GMT]

Higher costs of World of Warcraft
The main reason for Blizzard layoffs is for " World of Warcraft "decline, relatively speaking," World of Warcraft " feed a lot of people, if we look at Blizzard's three works," Star contention Pa "and" Diablo "series belong to the battle net game like games such as Blizzard in the global top five server point, is mainly responsible for the operation of the gaming hall, operating costs are also much lower than the" World of Warcraft " . "cheap wow gold " need their own server hardware is not demand for manpower by Blizzard control, but the charges, customer service, information, marketing, and so on, and even spent and another two for analogy.

In Taiwan, responsible for the operation of the "World of Warcraft Blizzard Technical, and the number of employees of Blizzard Branch In fact, the gap has been very large, empathy is also true in other regions, which is the MMORPG respective regional problems. Simply put, the "World of Warcraft" Every expansion of a point, you have to cast a substantial human and hardware costs. The other hand, StarCraft and Diablo, income is better than World of Warcraft, but consumption of manpower and hardware compared to only a little more, like a lot of players do not really know, in Taiwan many years ago, Blizzard, Office of the (then loose Kong or agents, you know how the old days) Why did Blizzard a soaring of reasons.

The Blizzard future
In fact in terms of revenue face last year, decline in the number of "World of Warcraft" is the fact that, even in the Brazilian market, and also failed to block the decline in last year's loss of 1.8 million players, a full year if the monthly fee of $ 15 to calculate the that the astronomical losses plus package Warcraft throughout the year to send D3, the activities, on behalf of this year's D3, the first sales of at least 1 million less to pay out because of several works, the other in the respective company Activision than Blizzard more dazzling achievements, natural Blizzard will have pressure from all sides.

Such layoff does not affect the Blizzard game itself, these 600 people can be said that because of the "World of Warcraft" revenue decline made the scapegoat, however, seven years of Warcraft the world "even continue to introduce a new piece of information, the strength to rebound I believe it is limited, even if the number of reflux it is difficult to a new high. Diablo III and the subsequent interplanetary piece of information still will have a certain profit, but the real test of the Blizzard will be the future of gambling in an undisclosed "Titan plans, otherwise the old with the" World of Warcraft retrenchments will not be the last time, and could even lead to the end of the Blizzard overseas branch operations. Blizzard's future still in the hands of this escaped the cuts in R & D units.