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[Aug 04 2015 GMT]

First, the network should be smooth, it is well known, a few Runescape people and then choose the time period recommended between five thirty in the afternoon until six o'clock, this time just Wenzel too, is everyone almost dinner time, but also optional in the morning. Note: to go hostile chart, such as a vertical one, two, water one to three. All chat shielded, low draw, dismount, put away the pet, in the preparation of several pads mounted.

One to nine is very easy on, the only thing to note is that four on five, eight nine on, we had better use it twice lucky, if you are a pure RMB soldiers can be ignored. To stop for about three seconds after nine point, directly on the ten, then began to strengthen pad wear, if pad mounted on nine failed immediately to make way strengthen natal installation.

Successful, continue to wait about four to six seconds point, on thirteen. Here is the key, thirteen fourteen is on the watershed, because on my way with fifteen eighty percent success rate, after thirteen fourteen people on the mat installed Figure-out, direct and strong broken, broken after Do not wait, go directly to strengthen, half the chance of meeting XIV.