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Gamble Luck of Eight Ways to Make Money in Aion Game

[Aug 04 2015 GMT]

This fall is not really a special method to make money, put it plainly, is trading down. There is a more interesting is the ancestor of the gift. I rely on this to make a lot of money. Is gambling luck, buy a few gifts to pull people to play, what prototype, see RP. Once the gift 8000-1E when I sweep down played, a variety of prototype press for two weeks, small pieces of clothes 3E + 1E + full dump, earn a lot.

Gifts now very cheap, only a magic about 600W, prototype, then Bobo ancient clothes is around 1.2, deep sea 1.8-2E, which is 20 gifts you can play a piece of clothing on capital preservation, nothing special other valuable components, wave Ancient pants expensive point of it, like 7000, others are 1000-1500 prices. Composite bag before everyone could get a good fight more, now only six bags or feel more catch chickens.

As for the regular trading down, and I have done, a small amount, usually stone of what is now Stone does not burst, law Demonic largest price increases. Multi-line career ah!

I only see the composite price trend, before the opening service toss the point composite Stone, after opening version to get rid of hundreds of millions of small profit. Demonic law far more than I thought up to be more ancient past, but also an increase of 32 300W, 1000W can not afford now topped a long time.

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