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Fortress of Eight Ways to Make Money Without Wasting in Aion Game

[Jul 28 2015 GMT]

Fortress: The first race was a strong fortress in exchange overweening state, anyway, nobody defensive fortress, round the come?. Long-term without any fortress skip here.

OBS fortress one can go to find the box, ready to do the black, is said to be very dark, more want to take on a single brush thing, but a single brush is very tired, I had a single brush two days, tired and too lazy to go black a. I can not afford a single brush on the world to find small partners. DPS find milk, milk find a DPS, a lot of efficiency. Prices are generally the only magic box 2 box 1000-1300,3 is 2000-2500. Have seen 2 800 boxes, 3 boxes 1800, on the whole time to see it [1 box personally feel Save it, 100-200W, mainly difficult to sell ah !!

Then is Shearouse knowledge and learning, you can go in touch special box, I actually did not go NNNNN long time, but my brother more interested in this, do not Daguai, do not fight grade, went to touch complex case, no complex also what will syrup. Similarly Frades and Basson also, but maybe this team needs it wants. If you want to learn more related content and Buy Aion Gold from Please hurry up!