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FIFA 16 DEMO Version 911 Update Experience

[Jul 28 2015 GMT]

Thanks to a new IGNITE engine, jerseys and the players body finally separated, flowing jersey and fold even more obvious, and finally realized the defender pulled offensive action team clothes, but also the effect of dirty jersey is back, even even the soles are visible stains, not only that, the material of the shoe and even reflective effect.

For a new engine, of course, the picture of evolution is necessary, all the details than before the old engine period and raised a notch, such as turf wear, shot kicked out of grass, but also leaving a pit and the like, even running the time, you can still see the overwhelming turf and bounced down. Also after the Fifa 16 Coins into the goal, the end goal cage shock, turn the bottom of the camera arm, stunning detail on the sidelines.

Rain and snow effect effect than before to strengthen a lot more real. Rain, the players foot spray more. Moreover, the generation of new joined a SKILL MOVE, the right stick in a row direction or the direction of the left rear and right rear derailleur twice, will make a 270-degree maneuver Marseille, SKILL MOVE 4 stars can do. offer Cheap Fifa 16 Coins with Fast Delivery Just come to