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Explore the reasons behind Blizzard layoffs

[Apr 04 2012 GMT]

Perhaps we all know that Blizzard has laid off 600 employees, what the impact will be after layoffs for Blizzard? what it means? Let's look at Blizzard's policy and direction from behind the layoffs.

Statement by Mike Morhaime
Blizzard president Mike Morhaime rare in yesterday's statement, said The Blizzard abolition of the 600 employees, but not in any way affect the progress of the game development, because of the abolition of most people not in the development team. But also the way to the players (shareholders) a reassurance, said "Diablo Diablo III" will be published within a few weeks Listing Date.

According to intelligence information, layoffs range not only is the headquarters of the United States of Blizzard, Blizzard branch there are people who suffer, in view of the headquarters of the storm but small R & D units in the headquarters. Poured lintel estimates are customer service, administrative, marketing, information and human. Blizzard provided by the enterprise into the world, but on behalf of 600 people is still 10 to 20 percent of the number of (according to media reports of 2009, Blizzard employees about 3,000 people, the headquarters of about 1,200 people), this retrenchment can not say small.

Layoffs is good or bad
On behalf of an enterprise, Layoffs is not necessarily a bad thing, compared to Asian companies in this regard, the American is not soft, meaning that American does not care "feeling". May be employees of the company dedicated the past 10 years or end up unemployed middle-aged one way. But for the enterprise ontology, in addition to cost savings, but also have the opportunity to clearing out some of the so-called "fat cat" (With years of collar-paid), you can also do the restructuring of human resources. Therefore appropriate to lay off certain aspects of corporate shake-up is good.

Of course, the downside is that will drop the population real, and no matter to find hundreds of excuses, "cost savings" must be the first consideration of layoffs and the decision (it closed down from this year's BlizzCon see that), while the "cost savings" on behalf of is the company's operational goals are not met. Operational goals are not necessarily losing money like, may also represent a revenue decline, especially for listed companies, is not the boss have the final say, have to see whether investors have confidence in your company. Otherwise, once the shortage of funds, may bad.

Layoffs on the company's drawback is that downsizing must also beware of their own company secrets or information along with exodus, after all, non-voluntary departure will likely lead to employee dissatisfaction, although perhaps not be too bad Blizzard to give severance pay will not be hostile company lured away? Or Blizzard's current World of Warcraft gold plan is hard to say.