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Business Team of Eight Ways to Make Money Without Wasting in Aion Game

[Jul 30 2015 GMT]

Welcome to our website . There are many types of business, although many FB can not sell the equipment, quartermaster too dark, you can try to sell the castle jumping, only magic is about 2000W present, basically not too much water nanny + a DPS, can the right to play jumping off the guards to open the door, you can easily sell this time to play left 2BOSS, New Castle, then the equipment should still selling money, you can also enter the open courtyard in the middle of the Dragon Emperor get points out several small box OBS. The last is about business with the boss.

This takes a little strength, whether you are with a boss into play, or have a full set of substitutions hit the last retreat inside. It requires a certain strength equipment OR bottoming, or go to her are various postures destroy missions, but also pay people what CD, it is senseless.

Price band witch is generally old is 5000-8000, overweening family day full of people prefer group play, the last retreat group, ask your boss into. Inferno prefer with my employer into this, with a 5 or 4 with 2 this fight. If you have ways to cross over into other areas (New) fight cross-service, general 20-25RMB a witch is, how good toss, depending on their own.

The truth is the only owner of the magic is really not very good looking, occasionally shouting the world would someone ask price, if it is with a single boss, I usually catch his own world nanny four DPS, can not just before, if it is with two, General would call a friend to the town. What money, single band basically took me on his own, calling friends, then it equally. But now there Poems studio rub thugs, less need to find their own boss, a lot of lazy, I'll past them little thugs banding, every day can be mixed 2-3E it.