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Blizzard admit that Diablo 3 Items will improve the shortcomings of the follow up to game time

[Jul 06 2012 GMT]

  Few game companies are willing to stand up and say "our game is not good enough", but this time, Blizzard Diablo 3 Items "take responsibility.

  This is a rather astonishing statement, Blizzard community manager Bashiok recognition of "Diablo 3 items" official forums, this allows players to wait for a long time the ARPG series "After the game duration is not satisfactory, despite some progress of the game However, efforts for the continuation of game time still failed.

  The following is the full stated:

  "We have to admit that you want to game time continuation of a long search for items alone is not enough. Or thousands of players every day for a long time to play our game, play, but they eventually tired (if they still do not). "

  "Kill the enemy, find items, these are very interesting, we also believe that the system of the game is very good, or at least become good after repair and adjustment, but to be honest," Diablo 3 items"instead of" World of Warcraft world ", we can not be separated a few months to release a number of new systems and new content. this game needs to attract players to continue the things, but we know now."

  "We are still produced 1.04, this version will do our best to repair all your questions asked of 1.1 PVP Arena also I believe that these patches can allow players to find new fun, renewed interest in the game, but these are not the ultimate solution, at least not reach the expectations of game time after we had the "Diablo" series. how to improve the system we still have some ideas, but to be honest, if we want to do everything the best, that is a big project at least we will not commence prior to version 1.1 and version 1.1 is not so fast to complete. "

  "Say it is an afterthought, but the game is released we thought the articles Search the playable after the game time will last longer, but it is clear that these did not come true, we have also realized this points. "