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Blizzard World of Warcraft throughout the year paid subscribers over one million

[Apr 04 2012 GMT]

Blizzard has hinted in the last year, "World of Warcraft" paid success of the program throughout the year. Activision Blizzard earnings report last week, Blizzard CEO, Mark Morhainme said: "We now have more than one million players participating in the program in Western markets."

World of Warcraft
This plan is giving away free "Diablo 3" client for the purchase of the players of "World of Warcraft" game time in December. Packages throughout the year can choose to pay monthly price of £8.99 per month (about 89 yuan), the annual total price of £107.88 per person (about 1071 yuan). This means wow gold that the count of one million paying customers, then this program has received income of at least 170 million pounds (about 1.69 billion yuan).

Diablo 3
Although parts of the whole "World of Warcraft" game-time players are directed to "Diablo 3" free game to go, but this is not a small number. The program also helped to stabilize the "World of Warcraft" the declining trend of paying customers.

WOW looks regarded withstood the attack of the "Star Wars: The Old Republic". Morhaime said that the update before the WOW Christmas: "to help the game to retain the player."