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Base of Eight Ways to Make Money Without Wasting in Aion Game

[Jul 27 2015 GMT]

All the examples are based on overweening Asmodian some Daomaidaomai mentioned, or some market price, are the only magic, with due consideration given their own area clothing prices again.

According to vipaionkinah Base: The more common is to do blood bucket, then 83 and 78 bases, to find NPC to buy blood bucket consumables box, replace lost aid groceries, 1000 = 3400W, sometimes carve out a composite stone bag, personal feel basically one week 10 carve out a box, and then almost character, will be out at least two weeks a. Stone is a good property, not out of any spirit of power, at the beginning of defensive weapons like garbage.

Weekly blood fighting 19X20 = ??380 Additionally, added a daily bases piecemeal head three iron wall 5, the sacred fortress full (about 200-300, to see his deft ROLL how much unhappy and good RP), remember Blood leave security at the end of the bucket into the iron wall and munitions. The other is to sell, regardless of the production of base materials, passing when you can buy some, area where someone is if you do the equipment, it can also buy more pleasant, like a direct throw transaction.

If in fact the old market can only say generally like it, I usually will buy Yidai La bored Running 75 pieces, now is not as easy to sell a long time do not do this line. Unless they want to shape the squat Aion Kinah base will buy. 75 - Yidai La pieces, 10 4W, a variety of production needs; 76-- Freud stone decoration, make jewelry; 77-- what powders, as if to do with the reel; 83-- Iraq Della elves water, medicine and do extra iron wall water; 85 (forget the 85 or 86, because it is the base on the right side on the map) - leather, manufacture of leather armor, other top celebrity drawing is here; 87- - Recipe of the material is, in particular horse forgotten God; 88-- Idas cotton, tailoring armor with; 89-- Idas Angles, making bows and piano.