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A Seven year Road to The Otaku of WOW Gold

[Apr 04 2012 GMT]

According to some that he was the first time in 2005 and come into contact with online games of WOW Gold, dormitory students forcibly play. From then on he knew that the online is a lot of people to play with the game, so no gaming experience, inexplicable in the "World of Warcraft" created my first virtual characters, called "Kun is the cow" Orc Rogue, has since embarked on a one The game does not return. When he worked so hard to put the orc thieves got to 60, found around peers seem to be dead, his huge body in the peer appear to be so alternative, since then, he always felt that someone with a strange look in to see him, every time you log in the WOW Gold game his heart are under tremendous pressure. Finally one day, he could not take other people's mockery and a joke, decided to determine the point in the Delete button, so the souls of a priest was born.

Lao Deng in the same dormitory, the old I, Pharaoh, the old-Heron, because survival went their separate ways. He said that their World of Warcraft life, although not described in the "If the home" so wonderful, but also rich enough, full of memories. Work, he actually entered a game company, since then do not spend their parents money to buy a card, and my heart is a comfortable, buy a new computer, rent a set of single apartment, re-start his Warcraft career. Busy at night often work overtime, he not under Raid Fortunately TBC because the approval of the problem has been not able to on-line. He can feel at ease to work temporarily left the World of Warcraft. He specifically to buy from Taobao Zhang World of Warcraft map, hanging on the wall. Memories of the days of Azeroth. Suddenly TBC without warning began to work overtime on how to do? So he took leave of absence to the charge of the reason is that the stomach pains. Then can not wait to rush home to experience TBC went --- people really more. The next day, spend five dollars in a community hospital opened a fake case.

When otaku naturally be used to lunch and dinner. To work reasons, he transfers to a new department, I've met many new colleagues, and actually there are so many World of Warcraft in this sector. His supervisor is also just a Warcraft fan, do not forget to work the World of Warcraft, also had a very focused. To me, he said, sitting across from him, these two individuals are not discussing the work, but in the copy of the study of Warcraft. Otaku as a World of Warcraft is not no good to know, because World of Warcraft first girlfriend - co-workers (although it broke up, but still memorable). He occasionally went out to see the rainbow. In fact, out purpose. Above is Moujun, a microcosm of the seven-year life of WOW Gold.